Sunday, September 9, 2012

18mo update!!

Has it really been 6 months since I last posted? Wow! Not surprising though, I hardly have a minute to myself these days let alone enough time to gather my thoughts and post a coherent blog entry.

It has been a busy 6 months! Some of the highlights include:

  • Jillian is now crawling
  • Britian is so very close to walking
  • Both girls are feeding themselves everything 
  • Britian has orthotics on both feet to help correct pronating and other feet position issues when standing. Jillian will have her own set of orthotics before too long to help with standing stability.
  • Jillian's nervous system continues to improve and she is far less shaky then she was earlier this year.
  • Both girls are finding their voice and what beautiful voices they are! Britian has a few basic words but like most toddlers communicates is many other ways as she learns the words to say what she wants. Jillian says "Momma" but mostly still babbles. She has new sounds that she is practicing though so like most other things, she will just be slower to reach this milestone. The fact that she continues to progress is all that I can ask for.
And most importantly. . .
  • Jillian is off of oxygen!!
Yep my little peanut is finally off of oxygen. At our appointment back in June she was finally given the green light to come off of oxygen and she hasn't looked back since. Thankfully she didn't need to go back on it like Britian did when she first came off. Jillian came off of her oxygen just in time because soon after her graduation she started crawling.

At their 18mo appointments, Britian weighed 21lbs and Jillian was 20lbs. They've both come a long way from their birth weight of 1lb 6oz!!

Jillian the day she came off of oxygen!!