Monday, October 22, 2012

October 2012 Update

Look at how my 3 preemies have grown!! What a blessing they are.

Britian and Jillian are now 20 months old and Liam is 8 months.

The girls had an appointment last week with high risk infant follow-up in Iowa City. They were each assessed on their adjusted age of 16 months.

The results were much like I expected. Both girls continue to grow wonderfully and stayed the same on their growth charts or bumped up a bit. Our next appointment with infant high risk will be to assess Britian at the magical "all caught up" 2 year birthday mark. The girls were due mid-May so our appointment will be late April or May sometime. Jillian's delays are too much for her to continue with high risk so she has been referred to a specialist to assess her situation. I have a sense of ease with her upcoming assessment though because I know her and see all of the progress she is making.

7 months ago my little Jillian couldn't even get up on her hands and knees in a crawling position. Today with the help of our wonderful physical therapist she is not only crawling but she crawls over objects, onto boxes, pulls up on anything and everything including flat walls (huge milestone) but today she also took 3 steps toward me cruising on the couch. Praise the Lord!!!

I know in my heart that even if Jillian has lifelong delays they won't hinder her living a full and active life. Will she be diagnosed with cerebral palsy? I'm not sure. But if she does have CP then her case will most likely be a very mild one. She is a blessing and a joy to our family each and every day regardless of what doctors think or what is written in her medical charts.

Britian: 32", 22#6oz
Jillian: 31.5", 20#14oz

And even though this blog is about the girls, I should add that Liam is 21 pounds. Yes, their little brother who entered this world at 6lbs is now heavier than Jillian and quickly catching up to Britian.