Monday, June 13, 2011

4 months and Full of Life

This past week the girls turned 4 months. Looking back over these past 4 months a whole host of emotions comes flooding back. It seems like such a long time ago yet at the same time just like it was yesterday that our life changed forever when the girls were born long before we had planned. Long before we had planned but not before God had planned.

I am happy to report that the girls are growing wonderfully. Britian is a whopping 8lbs and Jillian is 6lbs 8oz. They are both continuing on their respective growth chart lines according to their pediatrician, but for the record I don't give a flying hoot about growth curves for these little peanuts. All that matters to me is that they are growing, developing, and progressing everyday. Britian is over 2 pounds heavier and Jillian is almost 2 pounds heavier than when we came home 5 short weeks ago.

Our next visit with high risk is not until the middle of July so there will be no changes (if any) to their oxygen until that time. I am praying that their lungs will have grown and developed enough by then to at least wean a little bit on their oxygen requirements. We need to make progress in this department if there is any hope of coming off of these tubes anytime soon. Which by the way I've been told they will most likely be on oxygen for their first year.


  1. I am so thankful your little ones are doing so well. Praising the Lord with you for their matter how small the growth is as long as it goes upward. I've enjoyed watching them grow via this blog and FB. They are just beautiful!!

    God's Blessings

  2. I just LOVE hearing your updates about your precious little girls! Will continue to pray for their development and growth. Such good news this time! :)


  3. Yes, it was God's plan! And he continues to amaze us with these beautiful little miracles in our presence here on earth as a reminder!
    I pray that they make progress with their lungs, I have a feeling they will continue to amaze us with their progress!! I will NEVER forget that night/day!
    Love to you all!