Wednesday, November 2, 2011

8 month update

Yesterday the girls and I made the long drive back to the "big city" for their high risk check-up. Both girls are growing and developing wonderfully.

Britian is a whopping 16lbs 11oz and nearly 26"

Jillian is cruising right along at her own pace. She is 13lbs 3oz and 24" long.

When we left the nicu 6 months ago neither girl was on the growth chart. Now not only are they both on one curve or another but from one appointment to another they are jumping curves. At nearly 17 pounds Britian is 50% for her adjusted age weight. Even my peanut Jillian is on the curve somewhere for all of her measurements. After starting life so small it does my momma heart good to know they are growing so well without medical intervention.

We did learn yesterday that both girls are RAD. No, not rad like back in the 80's but RAD as in reactive airway disease. Considering their lung issues this really is no surprise and will impact their lives minimally. They have inhalers now and are using them twice a day for the next month or so. As I mentioned in a previous post they have a cold virus, yep for 6 weeks now they've had a virus to one degree or another. At yesterday's appointment they had "musical wheezing" as their neonatologist put it, not the typical one tone wheeze but rather a nice musical one with a variety of tones. The inhaler will help clear up their lungs and maybe even help their sinus congestion which I am all for!

Developmentally both girls are doing great which is always nice to hear. As a micro preemie parent, fine and gross motor development is always on your mind.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and words of support!

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