Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NICU videos on YouTube

It has been nearly a year since the girls' birth and I still cry like a crazy woman when I watch micro preemie NICU videos on YouTube. Why do I do this to myself? I need to just stay far away from YouTube until that spot in my heart is healed a little more, if that is even possible. However, I do have to say that watching these videos or hearing other micro preemie stories makes me count my blessings 100 times over. So many micros that were born later than my girls had to spend a considerable amount of time more than what we did in the NICU. The more stories I hear about make me realize that a mere 78 days in the NICU for 26 weekers is a miracle beyond description. Their struggles pale in comparison to what other little babies have had to (or continue) to endure at the expense of being born so early. How will I ever communicate the depths of this miracle to Britian and Jillian as they grow up? I will pray that when the time comes for these conversations that God gives me the words I need to sufficiently tell my girls what beautiful blessings they truly are and how He had His hand upon them every single second of their tiny lives.


  1. I have just spent some time reading your blog from the beginning & I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am currently almost 22 weeks pregnant with my first set of twins- babies 4 & 5 for me as well. I have been so concerned about the possibility of preterm delivery, having recently experienced a few scares of my own. I suppose it doesn't help that these babies of mine were conceived with the help of IVF & on our last try! These worries filled my mind as I googled pregnancy-related information & thinking back I realize that I never found what I was googling! Instead of being allowed to indulge my fears, the Lord redirected my attention to your blog & I almost immediately found myself weeping as I read your words & looked at your pictures. Although your girls are nearly a year old, I found myself praying for their healing as I read. I also found myself thanking God for my own babies, praying for their future & the continued health of this pregnancy. Despite my many concerns- from the birth to my abilities to be what they need me to be- I am reminded that He has trusted my husband & I with His greatest creation & in doing so He knew that we would be able to rise above the worry & failure. He is in us & with Him all things are possible! What a sense of relief & peace.... Thank You Jesus! I am so grateful & so humbled seeing the miracle He has created within your family. I will continue to pray for their growth & healing. Thank you for reminding me of the promises we have from our Heavenly Father, promises of joy & happiness in Him if only we remain faithful. May God continue to bless your beautiful family..... <3

  2. bobbysgrl78, thank you so much for your comment. What a powerful testimony to God's love for us and His perfect timing. From the sounds of it you seem to be due around the same time in May that I was due last year. You and your family will be in my prayers!!