Sunday, December 16, 2012

Praise Report

Lots of big milestones in our house these past couple of weeks, so much to give praise for.

Britian is walking full time, no crawling from her whatsoever. Seems like just as I posted the last update she set out to prove me wrong and stopped crawling.

Jillian is climbing on anything and everything that she can. Her latest is on top of the foot stool to our glider. Not only is the foot stool 18" or so off of the ground, but it moves. She has mastered climbing on top of it and happily sits there rocking herself and having a the greatest time of her life. She also now uses a walker around the house to encourage her walking. What a blessing it is to see her up and walking and also with the motivation to walk. Not long ago, just earlier this year, she wasn't crawling nor did she have the self motivation to go anywhere on her own. I know my baby girl will be up and walking without the walker very soon, she is so determined and loves to be up with Britian racing around the house.

Liam is also mobile. He started crawling finally this week. His first destination was the pantry of course because that boy loves to eat. So now everyone in our family is up and moving.

How long before I have to chase them in 3 different directions? :)

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