Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birthday update, the Girls are 2

Last week was a very busy week with birthdays. Wednesday was the twins' younger brother's 1st birthday. Liam is growing into quite the little boy, already learning how to annoy his big sisters. 

Then on Saturday the 9th the girls celebrated their big 2nd birthday. It was quite an emotional week for me as the day approached in which they arrived into this world far too early. But I found comfort in knowing that so many things would not be possible has it not been for their miraculous birth. Of course I'd love to have carried them full term to save the delays and struggles they currently have. However, we are blessed beyond measure with how wonderful they are doing and all that they overcame in those 11 weeks in the NICU.

We had a fun day as cupcakes, balloons, and fun celebration as a family. I could not have asked for a better day to celebrate their birthdays.

Jillian on the left and Britian on the right, they are getting so big! 

 Flowers for my big girls

 Balloons for Liam, Britian, and Jillian

 Beautiful Jillian

Pure joy in Jillian

The girls and Liam had their well baby check up today. Liam and Jillian are both just under 22# and Britian is just a bit over 23#. The girls are the same height at 34" and Liam is 29".

In other news, the end of January we had a big appointment for Jillian. After waiting nearly 4 months for an appointment she was evaluated for her developmental delays. We've been expecting this day for quiet a long time but my nerves were still on edge when the time came. For speech, occupational, and physical she was evaluated at 12-15 months. Physical was so low because she is not walking. Her developmental pediatrician made the diagnosis that she has dyskinetic cerebral palsy. I knew that diagnosis was coming but I will still never forget the moment she uttered those words. Praise God however, that her case is very mild and will still be able to lead an independent life including walking and higher education if she chooses. The type of CP she has does not typically involve cognitive abilities which we have experienced already. Jillian understands everything we say to her and ask her to do, her body just doesn't want to cooperate with what she wants it to do. This may cause frustration in the future as she gets older and more active, we will take it as it comes though and do our best to teach her to cope and adapt.

My irish triplets are all miracles, I thank God each and every day for them!

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  1. My how the girls have grown. I have never met your precious little ones but I feel as if I know them through your blog.

    Thank you for your update and many blessings to you and your lovely family.

    In Him,
    Linda <><