Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recent Pictures

I know it has been a while since I posted new pictures of the girls and for that I am sorry. I know you all understand though that life is far from slow and boring in our house. The girls continue to grow, delight, and develop everyday. In a few days the girls will have a high risk doctors appointment. As always they will get weighed and assessed for their overall growth and development according to their adjusted age which is about 6.5 months.

In my last update I mentioned that the girls were battling their first cold virus. Well, it is still lingering. Thankfully they seem to be pulling through it and are on the tail end of the fight. Poor Jillian got it the worst and for a while there it was really affecting her appetite and growth. I definitely noticed a halt to her weight gain for about a week. Thankfully though she is back to her normal eating habits and for the most part is keeping the majority of her bottles and solids down despite her periods of reflux. I will of course update with their new weights and overall development after our appointment early next week.

Britian @ 8 months

Jillian @ 8 months

My 2 smily girls; Jillian and Britian


  1. Thanks for the updates and the pictures. I pray things go really well at their check-up. They seem to be growing wonderfully and it is so great to see such smiles on their adorable little faces. God Bless... and though I never had twins I can imagine how busy you are... I remember how busy I was with one baby in the house. Hugs.

  2. Oh my gosh - I can't believe how they have grown. They are both just adorable and are looking great! Thanks for the update.

  3. Beautiful! They have grown so much!

  4. They're a reminder of the wonderful God we serve! They're precious! Love thier long eyelashes!