Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diving right in. . .

My initial plan was to get this blog all set up and decorated before I started adding content. After a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing to get that accomplished I've decided I might as well just dive in a start writing. If I wait much longer I will forget everything about this trimester and never be able to recover any of those memories with any sort of accuracy.

Just for documenting purposes:
12/20 found out we are expecting identical twin girls. At that u/s appointment I was 19w5d. Both girls were estimated to weigh 11oz. I can't remember what my fundal height was, I know it was at least 3cm bigger than "normal" for a singleton.

1/19 is my next appointment (tomorrow)

What I have been feeling and experiencing since the 12/20 appointment:
Baby A who will be named Jillian is my active one. She moves all the time. Baby B who will be named Britian moves a whole lot less than her sister. So much less at times that this past weekend I called my on call nurse to find out what I needed to do or whether I should be concerned. She had me do kick counts. Thankfully it turned out to be fine, Britian  moved the required 4 times or more within the hour. Since that day I have rested for at least an hour everyday with the exclusive purpose of counting Britian's movements.  Thankfully today Brit stuck her bottom out and wiggled around while I took a bath so I know all is well with her today.

I am really feeling stretched to the limit today. Not only physically but emotionally as well. I think cabin fever has set in with the kids and I. Thankfully tomorrow we are headed to town for errands and such so that will be a nice change from being inside all day due to the cold and snow. My stomach is tight beyond belief and I know I have a lot more growing to do. Where am I going to put it on my small frame? Today I not only feel "out" there but I also feel like I have grown sideways. What once was a flat-sided belly is now more ball-like feeling. Resting my arms on my sides I can clearly feel a more rounded side of my belly where that was previously flat. Either the girls are running out of room in front or one of them is moving positions and is forcing the altered shape of my stomach temporarily. Maybe tomorrow I will know which is the true reason for this new shape.

Sleeping is becoming ever increasingly difficult. I can no longer simply roll over to change positions. Rather I have to fully sit up to shift the weight of my belly and lay back down on the alternate side. This is making getting a complete nights rest very difficult. Perhaps this is what is contributing to my low emotional state during the day. Some days are better than others but I can feel my patience wearing thin with my kids. They are all too old for naps which leaves me little options for resting during the day.

I should close this novel entry for now. . .but will surely update tomorrow after my OB appointment.

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