Saturday, January 29, 2011

25 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 25 week mark, every week is truly becoming a huge milestone. Especially every week that is complication free. I am counting my blessings each and everyday that goes by smoothly because I know it might not always be like this between now and when the girls enter this world.

I am still feeling pretty good overall. Heartburn is nearly constant, my heart feels like it is always racing, and breathing is becoming more and more labored everyday. When I fantasized about being pregnant with twins so many years ago, never did I imagine or envision the challenges that come with carrying multiples. This is definitely a time when being just a tad bit taller might make this adventure just a wee bit easier. But I am certainly not going to complain one ounce about these challenges. They come with the territory and I am blessed beyond belief to be this far along and complication free. Many Moms in my online May 07 twin group are already plagued with complications, some too emotionally draining to even consider.

So here is to another week of being pregnant with my precious girls who keep me up at night, elbow me after dinner, and move wildly when they hear their Daddy!

1 comment:

  1. Hear Hear!!

    I can imagine just even a tad bit extra height would ease things slightly, but only temporarily. You are doing a wonderful job growing those beautiful baby girls!

    Love your last sentence! Our little man has been responding to Daddy big time as well, it amazes me every day the connection that can be there before they even enter the outside world!

    You know I continue to pray for you to meet each milestone with no complications. HUGS!