Thursday, April 21, 2011

Possible Transfer and VCUG

As I eluded to in my last post the stress is mounting. Various situations and circumstances are present in our lives which are adding to the already stressful situation of having twins in the NICU for so long. To help alleviate some of the stress we may be transferring the girls back to our hometown NICU. It will be an adjustment for sure but one in which I am hopeful will be for the best. A few things need to be finalized with the girls' care here before the transfer is finalized and scheduled. One of which is Britian's VCUG. A couple of weeks ago when her renal ultrasound came back normal and showed that her hydronephrosis had resolved I was told that a VCUG would not be needed. Well like so many other things I've been told during this roller coaster that too was incorrect. Britian's VCUG is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The VCUG is going to look for urinary reflux or backing up of urine into the kidneys. Their nurse practitioner and neonatologist both agree that it is highly unlikely that Britian has urinary reflux because she has not been on antibiotics for over 2 weeks and has not developed an urinary tract infection. But nonetheless, the renal experts want a VCUG just to make sure. If all goes well they will be transferred as early as Monday. The NICU in our hometown will be quite an adjustment but I am hopeful it will only be short-term and will be the best for everyone involved, most importantly my husband and 3 beautiful children at home. So there will be lots to do between now and their transfer date. After spending over 10 weeks living here during the week I have quite a few of my own loose ends to tie up before I bid a tearful farewell to the nurses and staff that have taken such good care of us during this long haul. I will most certainly have to stop by bays 1 and 2 before I leave to thank all of the nurses that have been my shoulder to cry on, listened to me vent, and shared many a laugh. And of course a sobbing see you later to the VERY special nurse that has made me laugh from the first moment we met, taken me out to lunch and shares a birthday with my girls.*

*written with tears running down my face

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  1. bless your heart!! We're praying for you Alexis. If there is anything you need from us please just ask. We want you to know we are here to serve as the Lord allows!! <3
    With much love from your KS friends!