Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 7 updates

It has been a week full of ups and downs. By His provision thankfully our downs are no longer nearly as low as they were in those first few weeks. One day late last week I was sad and frustrated with some issues presenting themselves but through prayer and time in thought I was reminded of how far we have come in just 6 short weeks. When I was once worrying brain bleeds and heart issues I am worrying about much smaller issues and for that I am thankful.

Our praises for this past week include:

  • Britian successfully put on high flow. CPAP was not nice to Brit's little nose and I prayed for a better solution when it became obvious that she was failing CPAP. Over this past weekend God gave guidance and wisdom to her nurses and nurse practitioner and she was subsequently put on high flow nasal cannula. She is doing better then I could have ever expected. Her oxygen levels are where they were when she was taken off of the ventilator, nearly at room oxygen levels.
  • Jillian was also moved to high flow this week. So far she is doing wonderful. Her blood gases look great and her lung xray are clearer than we've seen in a long time. She started on 4 liters of high flow but was weaned to 3L when her xray showed good expansion.
  • Continued growth for both girls. Britian is 3lbs 11oz and Jillian is 2lbs 15oz. They are both very near to graduating to the next pound. Yeah!!
  • Wearing clothes. Yes, in the NICU when you are a micro preemie, wearing clothes is something to give praise for. Why? Well simply because it means you are doing so well and are starting to maintain your own body temperature. Preemies of my girls' size cannot create their own body heat so their beds have been creating and measuring their body temperature since day one. Now, at nearly 34 weeks they are getting better at maintaining their own temp and as result can enjoy wearing clothes. Well, they might not appreciate wearing anything but as their Momma, I sure do enjoy dressing them.
  • I have been able to hold them both twice this week, Monday and Tuesday. I can not begin to express in words how I felt with both of the girls in my arms. I was filled with such an enormous feeling of love, blessing, and joy. I cried tears of joy holding them both in my arms.

Prayer requests:
  • Continued lung growth and development
  • Wisdom for the doctors and nurses taking care of the girls
  • A strong nursing/sucking instinct and strength for the girls, we are very close to the bottle and breastfeeding milestone
  • Insight and knowledge for me their Mom as I advocate and challenge decisions made by their care staff
  • Comfort, patience, and mental strength for my older children and husband back home.

Thank you dear friends for all of your support, prayers, and words of encouragement. My girls and I are blessed because of your love.




  1. Just precious! I will continue to pray for you, your family and definitely the girls!

  2. You all continue to be in our prayers, my friend! Love the pics of the girls together!!

  3. Dear Alexis,

    It is amazing to me how God can bind together hearts of people who have never met in person, but who share Him as their Lord and Savior. I want you to know that I have been praying daily for your girls (and you) since finding out about them on the TOS Crew Forum. Thank you for doing this blog, so that we can pray intelligently, as well as rejoice with you as God answers. I love all the pictures, but the close up of wide-eyed Britian is just precious. When they are older, you will have lots of stories to tell them about all the folks who prayed for them everyday.


    P.S. My Sunday school class is praying for them, too.

  4. This brought tears of joy to my eyes as I saw your wonderful comments about how much better the girls are finally doing! Thank you so much for providing these sweet updates for us!