Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 10 Update

I know it has been forever since I posted an update on the girls. Life has been busy and very stressful.

Weights: Britian is 5lbs 2oz; Jillian is 4lbs 5oz

Britian is in a crib and doing very well maintaining her body temperature. Jillian has 45g to go before she can be moved into a crib. At her current growth rate that might happen by this weekend.

Both girls are on regular nasal cannula. Britian is on 0.5L and Jillian is on 0.75L oxygen flow. This has been a wonderful step in the right direction. No longer are their oxygen saturations all over the place. Now they are both saturating wonderfully which is better for their growth and development.

ROP checks were today (eye checks). Jillian's left eye has gotten better. For the past 3 weeks it has been zone 2 stage 1, but now it has improved to zone 2 stage 0. This means that her oxygen management status is lower because ROP progression is oxygen sensitive. Britian's eyes remain the same at stage 2 zone 0.

The girls are nursing and starting to take bottles. Nursing here in the NICU is not an easy task so I am leaning towards not nursing as much and just giving them bottles. I think offering them more bottles of my breast milk will get us out the door sooner since it is less work on their than nursing. Both girls need to be on full feeds orally every 3 hours before we get the green light to leave. This is proving to be the biggest emotional hurdle for me in this journey. Even through all the worrying I did about their brains, hearts, etc., I just think I am at my limit with this NICU journey so to have one more hurdle to jump through is proving difficult to cope with. Their oral feedings are so sporadic and progress is very slow. I know they need to rest and grow so tube feedings are still needed but I just wish that I could snap my fingers and have them doing wonderfully with all of their oral feeds.

Estimates for discharge range from 2 week to a month. 2 weeks I can deal with, another month here is a bit much to put my head around. Another month would make 3.5 months inside these 4 walls. The stress is taking its toll on my family, I've cried everyday this week so far. Another month is just too much to grasp right now. I am on my knees in prayer everyday asking for strength and wisdom. He will get us through this situation and into the sunset I will march with my 5 kids and wonderful husband.


  1. So appreciate your transparency here. I cannot imagine the stress you face on a daily basis in the NICU battle. Posts like these keep the rest of us praying for you as well. I know that you are seeking your strength in the right place and that God will always be more than enough for you.

    Praying that these sweet girls will get their homecoming soon! And, that He will give you the patience to make it to that day as well with a full head of hair intact. ;)

    Love this picture, btw. So, so precious!


  2. Praying for you and your family =)