Friday, March 18, 2011

Big News for Britian

Britian stretching out while she sleeps on St. Patty's Day
Big events and developments are on the horizon for our little sweet pea, Britian. Doctor rounds this morning were very encouraging.

The neonatologist that is taking care of Britian for the next 2 weeks is a leading expert in his field and the local "guru" on ventilators and lung issues. He is jumping in with both feet and making things happen for Britian, I am very excited. He plans on putting her on a conventional ventilator tomorrow and possibly extubating her soon after that if she does well on the conventional vent. Both changes will allow her to graduate out of bay 1 and become Jillian's newest neighbor. I can not express in words how excited I am at this possibility. My Momma's heart is leaping and overflowing with joy. I am beyond ready for my girls to be together again.

So if you think of my girls this weekend can you please say a little prayer for them both. My biggest prayer this weekend will be that Britian is successful on the new ventilator and does well coming off of her nitric oxide (she can't move to bay 2 on NO). I will also be praying that Jillian continues to do well on her high flow oxygen. The girls are older now so they are required to saturate their blood with oxygen at higher levels. I knew this would increase their oxygen level infusion levels, but I just pray that Jillian can handle these higher levels well and it doesn't tax her little body or freak the doctors and nurses out to the point of changing her high flow (doctors and nurses that don't know her well might see this as a sign of concern but it is normal for my little peanut).

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!


  1. Yay!!! That's big news!!! I'm praying for them and hoping that they will get to be neighbors again very soon!!! Lots of love to you and your family!!!

  2. Prayers continue for your precious little ones, you, your hubby and your other children. God Bless. I will be thinking of you as we celebrate my oldest daughter's 25th Birthday... my how time FLIES!! It was so precious to see you bathing Jillian in your previous post ... what a precious time.

  3. Many of us from BabyCenter May 201 Multiples are keeping up with your blog! Just wanted you to know that we're all still thinking about you guys and cheering you on.

    Much Love,
    Jenny (jenny_journalist)

  4. Thank you Jenny. I pray that all is well with everyone in the group. When things settle down here more I will start checking in with the group more often.