Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday Sweet Pea & Peanut

One month ago, as I sit here in the relative silence of the NICU my world was in a whirlwind of chaos, emotions, and uncertainty. I was being prepped for emergency surgery when I had only gone to the hospital to make sure my babies were ok. I just wanted to see heartbeats, just wanted to see them moving, I got a whole lot more than I bargained for. One month ago I got on an emotional roller coaster that I can't seem to find a way off of, nor do I want to at this point. I have had so many amazing moments with my two girls in the past 4 weeks. Yes I have shed more tears and felt more frustration in those same 4 weeks but all of that pales in comparison to the love, joy, and blessings that I have been showered with in the past month. My girls have both grown by leaps and bounds since their very early arrival into this world. What were once tiny translucent little things are now much bigger, healthier, longer, and feistier little peanuts.

I have been able to watch their personalities emerge and develop over the past month. Despite being identical twins I have a feeling I have two very different little girls. Britian is my laid back little girl, she goes with the flow, doesn't get too excited about anything, and is content to lay in her bed calmly. Her little sister Jillian on the other hand is already a handful. Her arms and legs are always kicking, pulling, or pushing on something. She gets angry when anyone messes with her and makes her desires known despite not being able to make a single peep. She has the brightest and biggest brown eyes which she will gladly show you many times a day. Britian enjoys her sleep while Jillian has long periods of being awake throughout the day and fights going back to sleep like no other baby I've ever had. If identical twins could take on personality traits from their mother and father mine have both certainly done just that. If I had to make a guess so early in their lives, Jillian will be more like my side of the family and give her big brother a run for his money while Britian seems to be more like her Daddy's side, quiet early on in life but once the attitude is unleashed watch out world. Or perhaps God just gave me a feisty one but spared me the heartache of two, he knew I would need a reprieve so he blessed me with calm little Ms. Britian. Only time will tell and I will gladly take everything He has planned for my life which amazingly now includes 2 precious, beautiful, and blessed little girls.

I am a Mom of one month of twins!! Can I sing it from the roof tops? I am so excited!!


  1. When you have time, could you explain what you mean by the term "kangaroo care?" Thank you.

    Rejoicing with you at the one month birthday, and continuing to pray daily,

    Loretta (from TOS Crew)

  2. Loretta, I am so sorry, I should have explained Kangaroo care (or Kangaroo holding) in my post. Kangaroo care is when a Mother holds their preemie skin to skin. The baby is placed on the Mother's chest typically with the baby's body nestled between Mom's breasts. Then blankets are placed over both Mom and baby to keep the baby warm. With this type of holding the baby gets to hear Mom's heartbeat, breathing, and voice vibrations. I also use it as a time to kiss the top of my baby's head. :)

  3. Congratulations! I love my twins, such an adventure. I prayed mine home while we were waiting for our adoption referral, etc. Will continue to pray yours home too!