Monday, March 21, 2011

Extubation Day for Britian

Britian was extubated today and put on CPAP. Because she did not fully wean off of the conventional ventilator she was put on moderately high CPAP settings. She is so far doing wonderfully though and her oxygen requirement levels are very low. Being intubated for the past 6 weeks has clearly not affected her trachea, she has already found her crying voice. I am getting a dose of what life is like with twins today with both girls crying and carrying on at the same time. It is such a sweet sound though to hear Britian's cry and man is it a strong one!


  1. What a beautiful sound that must have been! Praying that this week is full of continued blessings like this one!

  2. I remember my son's 1st cry after over 6 weeks of intubation. What a sweet sweet sound. Way to go girls!