Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayer Requests for Week #5

Daddy holding Jillian for the first time
Wednesday will mark 5 weeks here in the NICU and Friday the girls will be 32 weeks gestational age. Last week I had a calm feeling when the week began, I wish I would say the same for this week. My motherly instinct tells me this will be a week of ups and downs. I am definitely not starting this week with the same sense of calm that existed last week. I would like to ask for your prayers of comfort and healing for this week. The girls are both on the cusp of making great leaps in their healing but with that always comes the uncertainty that additional setbacks could be looming.

Weighing heavy on my heart and mind this week will be Jillian's extubation. She will most likely be extubated (taken off of her ventilator and put on CPAP) Tuesday afternoon. She is going to be given a steroid before and after extubation to give her the best fighting chance of being successful on CPAP as possible. As with everything here in the NICU there are possible side effects and long term complications, I am praying that the benefits for Jillian far outweigh any possible complications.

Additionally, both girls will be getting their eyes checked this week. It is standard procedure here in the NICU for babies to get a ROP exam at or after 31 weeks. The girls were 31 weeks this past Friday so the time has come for their eyes to be checked. Having the girls wear glasses is not a concern, that is something I can certainly deal with. However, I am praying that there isn't something more complicated with their eyes that glasses can not fix.

On a happy note, my husband got to hold Jillian for the first time earlier this afternoon. At 2lbs 6oz, she looked so teeny tiny in his arms. They enjoyed their hour of cuddle time together though and I know that is an hour that my husband will always hold dear in his heart.


  1. Prayers, especially for tomorrow. So glad your hubbie got to hold Jullian. I am sure that was a precious time for him and you. God Bless

  2. I have been getting your posts delivered to my email, and I have been praying for you and your precious girls. I hope the extubation goes well. That is a very sweet picture. I'm so glad that your husband was able to hold Jillian!!

  3. Praying for peace of mind for you this week and healing for the girls. We will specifically lift up the extubation and eye tests.

    What a wonderful picture of Jillian and Daddy. I am so glad he got a chance to hold his baby girl.