Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jillian is Classified as "first out"

Jillian and her signature long fingers.
Everyone who meets my girls says that they will be
piano players. Only time will tell!
Jillian Elaine Marie;
1. no heartbeat for 20 minutes after birth
2. CPR for 45 minutes after birth
3. 9 hours after being born "crashed"so badly that no one on her medical team thought she would live more than a few more hours

3 weeks later she is the healthiest baby among the 11 other babies in her level 3 NICU. Who would have ever thought? Most certainly NOT me!

Because she is the healthiest baby in her NICU she is now classified as "first out". First out in NICU terms means that she will be the first one moved out of the the level 3 NICU to a lower level NICU when a new baby needs to be admitted to the upper level NICU. Currently the nurse to patient ratio is 1:2. When Jillian (and eventually Britian) gets moved the ratio will jump to 1:4. Theoretically this will be fine but this Momma bear is still nervous about the higher nurse to patient ratio. As it stands now the girls are neighbors and I can walk freely between the two rooms. Until they both graduate to the lower level NICU I will be getting plenty of walking in traveling between their rooms. Thankfully, once both girls are moved to the same NICU bay they will be able to be in a "twin" room. What that means right now I have no idea, I haven't been able to take a tour of the lower level NICU other than just walking by it on my way to the breast milk freezer. I would envision the twin room to be something similar to the arrangement we are in now; 2 independent rooms that can be opened up and joined to make one bigger room. So I am happy that eventually they will be neighbors again, how soon that will be I have no idea. Britian needs to get the memo and heal those lungs.

I've had a great few days here at home with my older children and husband. Tomorrow it will be time to head back to the hospital and be with the girls. I miss them so much! My prayer for this coming week, the week in which the girls will celebrate their 1 month birthday, is for Britian's physical healing and for my emotional well being. Emotionally I was a complete and absolute sobbing wreck this week. Britian and I both need a level of strength and healing that can and will only come from our Heavenly Father.

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