Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick update for week #5

Jillian's first bubble bath
Two days into this week and we have already had quite a few milestones, improvements, and blessings. Before the week got away from me I wanted to update all of you on what is happening with the girls so far and in the near future.

Monday morning I woke up much earlier than normal. At first I was less than happy about that because I've been struggling with exhaustion and really just wanted to sleep. But I succumb to the fact that going back to sleep just wasn't going to happen so I got up and got ready for the day. The picture of Jillian and I happily shows you all the wonderful blessing that awaited me in her room when I walked in Monday morning. Had I not woke up early I would have missed her first bubble bath. Thank you Heavenly Father for waking me up early so I could experience this joy with my little peanut!!

Jillian got extubated this afternoon and is so far doing very well. I know that she could tire at any time and end up back on the ventilator. Mentally I know this, emotionally though is a whole other story. If she goes back on the vent I will most likely be an emotional mess but I will recover once my tantrum is over. She is a fighter though and I know she will continue to make progress and show everyone here how strong she is and how much she wants to go home. Jillian is currently doing very well on her continuous positive air pressure (CPAP). She is at low oxygen settings and breathing all on her own. She has such a tiny nose though and is very uncomfortable with a huge tube down her nose. I got to hold her for a nice long time this afternoon to comfort her and rock her to sleep. I am going to push for an alternative oxygen delivering method (known as high flow) tomorrow. The high flow will not require a tube down her nose and can deliver oxygen pressures equivalent to the CPAP, I think it will make her more comfortable. Seeing her cry and in pain is very difficult. I can't just pick her up and comfort her like I would if we were at home.

Both girls got their eye exams today. I haven't heard what Britian's results are yet. However, Jillian's came back normal. What a blessing! They will recheck her eyes again in about a month. Her eyes still have more developing to do which is normal for her gestational age so they will check again later to make sure everything has developed the way it should.

Jillian also got another echo yesterday to check if her PDA had reopened. Thankfully it has not and her heart shows no other signs of concern.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and words of support. Our prayers are being answered! The girls are growing and making wonderful progress considering their rough start.

In the near future Britian may also be extubated. She is on very low vent settings and her lungs have improved markedly from 2 weeks ago. If she is extubated and successful I think that will qualify her to be "next out" and she will get to move next to Jillian, although one of Jillian's neighbors will have to get the boot first.

Both girls are 15" long. Britian weighs 3lbs 3oz and Jillian is 2lbs 6oz. Both are up a pound from their birth weight.


  1. Always so tickled to hear an update, thank you. Now - how is everyone else doing back at home?

  2. Q, my family at home is doing well, they are learning to manage without Mom home very well. I think my older kids miss me as much as I miss them but we talk everyday and I always remind them this is only short-term. I have an amazing family and am very blessed.

  3. Praising God with you, and of course, continuing to pray.


  4. Rejoicing with you in the blessings this week!

  5. It is amazing to see their continued progress! All babies are miracles and it is easy to see that in your case. We keep praying for you, your babies, and your family back home. We are also praying that you and Garrett can grow even closer together during this trial.

  6. Alexis, love your updates. Thank you.