Sunday, March 6, 2011

Graduation Day for Jillian

All dressed up for graduation day!
Today was graduation day for my little peanut, yeah! Jillian has officially graduated from the level 3 NICU to the level 2 NICU. As I mentioned in the previous post, she was classified as "first out" because she was the healthiest baby among the 11 other babies in the level 3 bay. When I returned to the hospital this afternoon after spending the weekend with the rest of my family at home I got word that Jillian would be moving before the night shift change.

The move is bitter sweet because her big sister is still in bay 1 but she has been stable the past couple of days so there is hope that Britian will be joining her little sister in a couple of weeks so long as she continues improving. Britian will need to wean to a conventional ventilator and prove herself stable on that vent before she is considered for graduation. We have her room all ready and waiting for her though because we have been given a twin room from the get go, such a blessing. Because I know we will be here for quite a while I am going to being decorating the girls' rooms with pictures and other "pretty" things I come across.

Who would have thought that the little girl who fought so hard to survive those first few days would graduate before her bigger sister? Certainly not me!! But I am so proud of Jillian and am looking forward to continued growth and improvements from both girls.

As an added bonus on Jillian's graduation day, I got to kangaroo hold her for over an hour before she moved. Yummy! She is such a snuggle bug peanut, holding her this evening was a great way to start what I hope is an awesome week.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers, they are being answered, there is no denying that!!


  1. It is amazing how holding babies soothes so many emotions. That is one of the joys of motherhood! :^)

  2. So glad to read that you got to snuggle with your little Jillian. Praying that her big sister will be joining her soon in her new digs. ~ Jodi from the Crew