Friday, February 4, 2011

26 weeks

It is Friday again, which means that another week with these twins safely cooking is behind me again. There was a point last night though that I thought I might not see this milestone with the girls still safely tucked away. From about 7pm to 9pm I had some pretty consistent and painful contractions, the last hour or so was coupled with pelvic floor pain and pressure. Thankfully after laying on my left side and drinking a ton of water they subsided. My husband has ordered me to stay off of my feet today, not even a bath this morning according to his orders (I took a bath last night and couldn't get out without his assistance). I will call my OB here in a little bit to see if she wants me to come in after last night's episode. If I have to go in, I will certainly keep you all updated.

And I want to thank my Aunt dearly for coming over a visit yesterday. I got to share with her some of the adorable clothes I have accumulated. My husband's eyes gloss over when I show him baby clothes so it was nice to share them with a fellow female that can appreciate their adorableness. :)

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