Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Rough Weekend but Still Some Good News

Jillian with both eyes open, also telling everyone she is #1

I went home for the weekend to get clean clothes and spend time with the rest of my family. It was a nice couple of days with them but back here in the hospital my girls struggled. Both girls had a lung collapse due to different circumstances. Britian tried the CPAP and failed immediately, I knew she wasn't ready. But through that process she ended up with a new breathing tube which will not allow for the air escape she was experiencing. Why is this important? An air leak around the breathing tube is basically letting all the air from the vent escape out of her lungs without being effective in expanding her lungs. So hopefully now her lungs will be able to get stronger and next time we try the CPAP she will tolerate it a little better. Thankfully, both girls' lungs are healed and reinflated today. They are both on the high frequency jet ventilator to help with their expansion and air pockets that were forming in their lungs. Both girls are tolerating the jet vent well.

Also over the weekend both girls opened both eyes. When I left Friday afternoon, Britian had her right eye open and Jillian had her left eye open. Now both eyes are open on each girl. The picture in this post is Jillian. Britian is on the photo therapy lights for high bilirubin so I can not get a picture of her with both eyes open but you know I will as soon as those lights are turned off and her mask is removed.

Britian hit a big milestone today, she is over the 2lb mark. She is 2lbs 0.5oz to be exact. In the micro-preemie world this is a huge accomplishment.

I am praying for a great week with the girls. And I am also praying that my 3 kids at home have a good week with their care takers. My Mom and Aunt are graciously sharing babysitting duties this week. Despite my absence the kids will be returning to their homeschool routine, hopefully they adjust well and do not give Grandma or my Aunt a hard time about doing their schoolwork.

Here is to another week in the NICU. . . 


  1. This is an absolutely beautiful picture of Jillian! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Continuing to pray for you and your girls as well as the rest of the family back home. Praying with you for a great week. :)