Friday, February 11, 2011

A Personal Vent

To keep my sanity, I am going to vent a little here. Please keep this post and its contents to yourself.

Vent #1; admissions here at the University of Iowa needs to calm down. I have received no less than 4 phone calls within the 30 hours since the girls have been born. They keep pestering me about getting the girls added to our insurance. The woman that keeps calling me even admits that I have 30 days to add the girls, she know this and I already know this from my previous pregnancies. But seriously lady, where is your compassion and understanding? Everyone else from this hospital seems to have a healthy dose, where is yours? I have 30 days, so call me closer to that 30 days if they haven't already been added. Taking care of my girls, my other children, and myself are just a wee bit more important than dealing with insurance at this point.

Vent #2; this recovery is painful! Because I had an emergency c/s my incision is from my belly button all the way to below my hair line. Gravity is not helping me right now. The weight of my belly and organs along with the pressure associated with standing is trying to tear my incision apart. This coupled with the chest and head cold I've been battling, my pain is high most times. I am congested in my chest but I can't effectively cough to get it out because of the pain and the ripping sensation.

Like I said though, these are just petty vents to get these things off of my chest. My girls and their progress and development are first and foremost. I will heal and the insurance will be taken care of well before they ever get to come home.


  1. Vent away, you have every right! You have your priorities absolutely in order! I'm sorry your incision is hurting so much, I know it's hard trying to take care of yourself right now with everything else going on but remember you are important too, because if you get an infection or something more happens to you then you won't be there for anyone. Love you girl!

  2. I second Jenn - vent away we are here to listen.

    Insurance people seriously need to simmer down.

    Don't forget to try to rest and let your body recover, you will be no good to anyone if you tear yourself open etc.

    Big Hugs to you and the children.

  3. Yes, I agree you have every right to vent some right now! I am very glad to hear that the past hours have moved in a positive direction. I have been praying & sending postive energy for you & your little ladies. Be sure to take care of yourself also, I know that seems difficult right now, but those little fighters need their Momma healthy :)

    Prayers & Hugs!

  4. So glad that you have a place here to vent! We are here to listen whenever you need us to be! Take care of you too!

  5. I second everyone else. Vent away. Those pesky admissions people need to back off and let you take care of yourself and your precious girls. I'm praying that you heal super fast!