Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Blog Purpose

When I started this blog for my girls they were both safely tucked away in my belly and growing strong. I had high hopes, dreams, and aspirations for that pregnancy and for their well being. My mind was consumed with thoughts of carrying them to term, beautifully delivering full-term twins, and whisking them home all dressed in matching outfits and marching on with our lives, my new family of 7.

This is certainly a case of dreams clashing violently with reality. The reality I now face with my girls is overwhelming at times. But I try not to focus on the future, the here and now is more than enough to emotionally handle from day to day.

Because of the long road ahead I am going to use this blog as the primary means of communicating, writing, updating, and venting about Britian and Jillian's journey. 


  1. praying for you, your girls and the rest of your family. Will continue to pray as long as needed!

  2. I came to your blog from your May 2011 BabyCenter twins group. I sat here with tears streaming down my face the whole time reading your story over the past week and feeling my heart go out for you. Your family and your beautiful little girls are in my prayers and I admire your strength, courage and faith. Thank you for sharing this difficult journey.