Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Growth spurt?

For the past 3 days or so I have been incredibly uncomfortable, yes more so than normal. My belly has been non-stop rock hard and I've been having incredible back pain. As I rested this morning after getting out of the shower it occurred to me that the girls might be in a growth spurt, hence all the pain. I honestly can not sit without feeling like my belly skin is going to rip apart at any moment; such a lovely feeling. Yes I put plenty of lotion on my belly to keep it hydrated and and supple as possible. I also have a feeling that Baby A may have turned, not sure which direction but I think she may have moved from her previously transverse position. Just a theory of course at this point. "Something" is pressing on my left hip and unless it is her feet kicking me there she has to have rotated out of the transverse position. I really hope she moved head down, that would be such a blessing. Her new position would also explain the recent belly tightness; 2 babies laying vertical is going to take up more "outward" space in my belly than one laying sideways and one vertical. One more week until my next appointment!

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