Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on the Girls

Jillian on her tummy for the first time
First, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who prayed for Britian yesterday. I can attest firsthand to the fact that our prayers are being answered and that our Heavenly Father is holding them both in His right hand and healing their little bodies.

When I arrived at the NICU this morning their Dr. told me that Britian's morning x-ray was clear; her P.I.E. had resolved overnight. This is wonderful news but we are not totally in the clear. She will be sedated and paralyzed for the same number of days that she had the P.I.E. which in Britian's case means she won't be weaned from her sedation and paralysis meds until Sunday morning. This is of course assuming that it doesn't return and other issues do not pop up with her lungs in the meantime.  It is so hard seeing my sweet baby paralyzed, trapped within her own body. I know she can't feel anything and is unaware of her comatose state but it is still tough. I want so badly to see her kicking her legs, grabbing my finger with hers, and stretching her chin out like only my kids can do. Very soon though I know, very soon.

Jillian has been having a great week. Nothing at all to report on her other than a possible room change. While this sounds promising and encouraging just the thought causes me pain. I want my girls to remain next door neighbors. The lower level NICU that Jillian could be moved to any day now is down the hall and around many corners. I will no longer be able to walk between their rooms or watch over one while I care for the other. I would love if they could move together to the lower level NICU but considering Britian's recent bout with P.I.E. I know that possibility is a pipe dream. Please continue to pray for Jillian, she has not put on any weight in 4 days. Also pray that while in the lower level NICU God will hand pick the best nurses to care for her and watch over her especially during the times that I can not be at her bedside. There is a higher nurse to patient ratio in the lower level NICU and this causes me some concern. I worry that her nurse will be occupied with another patient while she is in distress and no one will be there to come to her aid. Neurotic I know, but it is a Mom worry I have. I asked her Dr. to try and hold off until at least next week when I am here, of course he couldn't make any promises but said he would do his best to keep her here and move other patients before he moved Jillian. Who would have ever thought that 2 weeks ago the baby on her death bed would be moved before her otherwise healthier and stronger big sister? Certainly not me.


  1. I'm keeping your precious babies and your family in my prayers.

  2. Oh Alexis,
    Your heart is so transparent as you share this adventure with us. Thank you so much for the details for our prayers. I know God doesn't need the details but it is good for us to have them.
    All our love, Bobbie

  3. Bobbie, I just write what is on my heart as God leads me. This adventure can be hard for others to relate to so I am happy to share details about this journey not only from a medical standpoint but also from a Mother's point of view.

  4. Praising with you, and continuing to pray. Thank you for giving specifics to lift up to our Heavenly Father. I just pray my way through your post. :)

  5. You know we are praying here sweetie!! Love you:)

  6. Dear Alexis, Hello. My name is Dorothea Mash. I found your blog through facebook, and felt compeled to tell you a little of my sons story. Hopefully you will find comfort in it.

    Mike was born at 28 weeks. He suffered many different problems while we where at the NICU. He has PVL, and as a result he's been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. To make a very long story short, Mike is now a healthy happy 6 yr. old. We still have issues, he will always have CP, and that took me a while to adjust to.

    During your NICU journey you will no doubt have ups and downs. Remember that God is always with you, and when you are unable to hold your daughters, He's got them in his arms. (One in each!)
    Cry when you need to, laugh when you need to, vent when you need to, and fall into Gods arms when you need to. He's right there to catch you.
    I had and still occasionally have some anger twords God because of Mike and his DX, but I know that 1. God can handle me being mad, and 2. God is bigger than and DX. I let God know how I feel and then I cry and then I'm able to face another hour, day, week, or month, depending on the cercomstance.
    You are not alone!!!