Saturday, February 12, 2011

A praise after my vent

Other than the admissions department, I am quickly coming to realize that being here at the University of Iowa hospital system is a HUGE blessing that can honestly and truly have only been coordinated so perfectly by my Heavenly Father. His perfect plan for my family and the girls' life is nothing short of amazing and awe inspiring. The level of care that not only I received while a patient here but the continued level of expertise that will watch over and care for my precious babies is overwhelming. Not only do they have the best NICU doctors coordinating their care but the compassion and caring from their nurses is comforting to me as their Mother.

Not only are the nurses experts in their field but they all have a huge passion for their work and it shows. They realize that it is the little things in life as well. For example, offering to allow me to help with their basic care needs such as changing a diaper, wetting their mouth, or simply holding my baby during a bedding change. Eventhough they are here for the girls the NICU nurses here at UofI care for me as well. They make sure I am staying hydrated, have privacy to pump, and respect my need to be around my girls as much as possible. I simply can not say enough good things about the nurses and doctor staff here at the UofI NICU.

I was discharged today. My family, including my Aunt and Uncle came down to see the girls again as well as help me move out of my recovery room and into my new room at The Ronald McDonald house just a few blocks from the hospital. As my husband and children left to go home and the reality of my new situation hit me, emotionally I lost it. I've been down this NICU road (to a MUCH less degree) with my first born. I couldn't take the loneliness 6 years ago when I was discharged so after accepting a room at the hospital at the time, I called my husband to come and get me. I lived close enough to the hospital at that time to commute back and forth so being at home was an option then. Commuting is not an option now, I am 2 hours from my home and my family. My room at the Ronald McDonald house will take some getting used to. While I am there I feel caught between two worlds. Half of me wants to be home in small town Iowa and the other half of me wants to be at the hospital with my girls. My temporary home away from home will just be a place to rest my head at night and nourish my body. But I am in no way discounting the enormous blessing that my room at the Ronald McDonald house will be. I can't even imagine the expense we would incur if I had to rent a hotel room for my extended stay here in Iowa City.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes my girls are absolutely and undeniably identical, even at this very young and tiny age.


  1. Such amazing little blessings! Like you said nothing short of His grand orchestration could have made all this possible! Love you!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that the hospital and their staff is top notch. That makes all the difference in the world as Mike and I discovered when he was in the hospital this past year. That's great that there is a Ronald McDonald house close that you can stay at. Although I know it will be difficult for you to be away from the rest of your family. Hopefully G and the kids will be able to visit you often. Hugs.